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A&E industrial thread has been appointment by Merrow as a preferred sewing thread for Activeseam™ applications.  For more information on Activeseam™, please visit

A sewing machine innovator since 1838, the Merrow Sewing Machine Co. brings seaming to life with its unique branded stitch, ActiveSeam™. Incredible seam comfort, distinct appearance and dynamic performance define ActiveSeam™, which is sewn as one of three different configurations on Merrow’s flat overlock sewing machine, the MB-4DFO. Coupled with A&E’s position as a global thread leader and the Merrow Stitch Lab™, ActiveSeam™ presents a new way of developing, producing and marketing the value of sewn products and A&E is proud to be part of the Merrow branded stitch revolution.

Where there is Activeseam™, there is A&E thread.  A&E’s global brands Anesoft®, Perma Core® and Anefil Polyester® have been proven by Merrow’s Stitch Lab™ to maximize the performance of Activeseam™ in many apparel products.   Possessing an industry leading commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and a global promise to deliver exact color, superior quality and the most innovative products from any of it distribution points in over 41 countries, A&E is the preferred global supplier to many of the world’s leading apparel manufacturers and brands.   A&E’s technical expertise and global capabilities ensure that as new Activeseam™ applications emerge, A&E thread will remain the right choice.

Recommended Thread Brands:

Anesoft® for ultimate softness  Click here to download the Anesoft sales flyer

Perma Core® for versatility and performance  Click here to download the Perma Core flyer

Anefil® Poly for durability and abrasion resistance  Click here to download the Anefil Poly flyer

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Through its global network, A&E’s products are manufactured in 21 countries, distributed in 50 countries and sold in over 100 countries.  A&E delivers exact color, superior quality and the most innovative products, right where they are needed.  Find Your Contact…

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A&E has set the highest level of sustainability compliance in the industry through our Eco-Driven initiatives. We are working with some of the world’s largest retailers and brands to create the standards for all textile suppliers and retailers. Read more…

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