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Perma Core® Eco

Complete your sustainability story with a premium sewing thread that doesn’t sacrifice sewing performance. A&E‘s Perma Core® Eco is manufactured with a 100% recycled, continuous polyester filament core and quality, polyester staple wrap allowing you the flexibility to infuse an ecologically-friendly, high performance sewing thread into a wide variety of apparel and non-apparel applications. Perma …

Perma Core® ECO100

Expect more from your industrial sewing thread. A&E is proud to introduce its new eco-innovation line of 100% recycled, sewing threads featuring Perma Core® ECO100. This ethically-manufactured, core spun, industrial sewing thread features a completely recycled, continuous filament core and fully-recycled, polyester staple wrap to provide a product. Ecologically-friendly and engineered for performance sewing, Perma …

Perma Core® Ultimate

A&E’s Perma Core® Ultimate delivers best-in-class seam performance and aesthetics, assisting in the reduction of thread derived causes of seam puckering. Perma Core® Ultimate has a very smooth thread surface contributing to a superior stitch and seam appearance in fine tailoring and intimate wear garments. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PRODUCT INFORMATION