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High Performance Bobbins

A&E is proud to produce premium, High Performance Bobbins in a wide array of filament and staple spun fibers and constructions. Representing the perfect combination of quality and time-saving convenience, these bobbins greatly reduce sewing interruptions, while providing consistent stitch formation and dependable performance. Package designed to speed your productions, A&E’s High Performance Bobbins are …

HMP Waxed Polyester Hand Sewing Threads

Ludlow waxed handsewing threads are used for handsewing footwear. The high strength, waxed polyester threads are available in multiple colors and sold in specific cut lengths with tapered ends. Ludlow waxed handsewing threads have been an industry staple for generations.


A high strength monocord twisted multifilament para-aramid sewing thread specially designed for the mattress industry to compliment the flame resistant barrier system. Flame-Out™ starts with superior tensile strength allowing it help protect seam integrity and help hold tape edges and seams closed even at high temperatures.


A monocord twisted filament bonded nylon sewing thread which is designed specifically for high speed quilting applications to minimize interruptions and maximize productivity.

Anecord Poly®

A&E‘s Anecord Poly® is a twisted monocord polyester sewing thread ideal for sewing a wide range of products. Anecord Poly® features a monocord construction providing a flat, ribbon-like cross section for low-profile stiches supporting excellent seam strength and good overall sewing performance. Anecord Poly® is regularly used in industrial filtration products, geotextiles, outdoor products and …

Anecord Nylon®

A&E‘s Anecord Nylon® is ideal for sewing a wide range of products. This thread’s bonded monocord construction features a flat, ribbon-like cross section for low-profile stitches providing excellent overall abrasion resistance. Anecord Nylon® is regularly used in automotive, furniture, seatbelts, luggage and handbags, medical and orthopedic devices, safety, and specialty industrial among others. CLICK HERE …