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Code of Conduct

All of A&E’s programs, policies, and goals reflect an effort to act in an ethical, socially responsible manner that benefits its communities, customers, and employees. Over the years, these standards of ethical conduct have been codified and the current iteration of this code, The A&E Global Code of Conduct, has been in place since July 2007. In addition to other ethical standards and policies, the A&E Global Code of Conduct refers to the A&E international Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Policies and Standards.

All A&E facilities worldwide are required to comply not only with the Global Code of Conduct, but also with EHS policies and procedures.   The Global Code of Conduct is available in 18 different languages.

Global Code of Conduct Handbooks:
The Global Code of Conduct Handbooks are in portable document form (PDF) format. To view them, you will need Adobe Reader, which is available as a free download here.

BANGALA / ?????


DUTCH  / Nederlands

ENGLISH / English

FRENCH / Français

GERMAN / Deutsch

HINDI / ?????? 

ITALIAN / Italiano

MALAY / bahasa Melayu

POLISH / Polski

SINHALA / ?????

SLOVENIAN / slovenski jezik

SPANISH /Español

SPANISH (LAS)  / Español

TAMIL   / ?????

TELUGU / ?????? 

TURKISH / Türkçe

VIETNAMESE / ti?ng Vi?t



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