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Vintage Reinvented

Few combinations can be classified as truly iconic. Peanut butter and jelly. Apple and pie. A&E sewing threads and the denim industry.

For well over a century, A&E’s quality sewing thread products are known as the gold standard within the industry, creating the iconic thread colors still used today, and sewn into the jeans we all know and love. A&E and heritage denim jeans makers formed a rich culture of quality, color and function with the onset of denim jeans work wear in the late 1800s. After the Second World War, jeans were popularized by appearing in casual settings in the 1940s. Jeanswear exploded to the forefront of global fashion through popular movie and music icons in the 1960s and grew to a worldwide phenomenon of vintage style in the 1980s through the early 2000s. A&E and denim continue to share a rich heritage of apparel innovation evolving in both fashion and function through present day.

In the last decade, A&E has developed new thread products and solutions to service the ever-changing and expanding denim industry. Consumers expected more from their everyday jeans, wanting denim wear to continue to have great styles and variety, but move as they did. Consumers wanted jeans that would stretch beyond traditional designs to fit every curve, while maintaining seam integrity. Jeans that could be dyed any color imaginable. Jeans that were tougher, but more comfortable. Jeans that were made sustainably and transparently. Through all of these evolutions and more, A&E has moved with the industry, developing quality, sustainable product solutions and exceeding consumer expectations.

So what’s next for denim? What are consumers wanting now?

In addition to established styles, consumers want jeans that can be customized to their own unique tastes, retain the look and soft feel of vintage while remaining affordable. Those are challenges, but ones the denim industry is moving to solve — A&E sees these as Vintage Reinvented™.

Continuing A&E’s mission to drive customer product innovation through advanced apparel thread technology, a new premium sewing thread is being developed to support the unique process of laser finishing denim, while maintaining the traditional aesthetic appeal in color, quality, and seam strength retention.

This new sewing thread is A&E D-Core® LZR.

For more information on how A&E’s advanced sewing thread solution can assist with your next denim apparel project, email





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