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D-Core® Eco

  • Full Description: A&E is committed to ethically-manufacturing its products. D-Core® Eco is a responsible sustainable, sewing thread choice. Engineered for its color to fade down with the garment after finishing, A&E‘s D-Core® Eco is a sustainable, core spun sewing thread constructed with a continuous filament, 100% recycled, polyester core and cotton staple wrap. Allowing for the use of smaller thread sizes to minimize puckering or needle cutting, D-Core® Eco’s construction provides a sewing thread with higher strength over traditional, staple spun products. This thread’s cotton wrap delivers superior needle heat resistance and delivers an excellent sewing performance on manual and automatic, multi-directional sewing machines with superior loop formation and fewer skipped stitches. D-Core® Eco is a NAFTA/CAFTA, sustainable sewing thread option. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PRODUCT INFORMATION

  • Advantages:
    Made with a 100% recycled polyester core.
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