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A&E‘s Sunstop® is a high performance multifilament polyester sewing thread, offering advanced ultra-violet light protection. Sunstop® is ideal for outdoor applications where seam strength retention and fade prevention during UV exposure are required. Sunstop® is also available in non-wick to help diminish moisture migration through the seams. Finishes include: Bonded, SST (Stretched), and STX (Non-Stretched). …

String Lasting Cords

Polyester pull strings used for the string lasting of footwear. The string lasting process is comprised of the upper being pulled down over the feather edge of the last and the lasting allowance is turned back under the last. The insole is used for lasting. After closing the upper pieces together, the string lasting cord …

Perma Kool™

Perma Kool™ is a premium core spun sewing thread manufactured with a continuous filament polyester core, polyester staple wrap, and wound with an FR finish. The core spun construction delivers a thread with a higher strength and sewing performance over staple spun products. PRODUCT LITERATURE IN ENGLISH  |  CHINESE  |  SPANISH

High Performance Bobbins

A&E produces High Performance Bobbins in a wide array of filament and staple spun fibers and constructions. Representing the perfect combination of quality and time-saving convenience, these bobbins greatly reduce sewing interruptions, while providing consistent stitch formation and dependable performance. Package designed to speed your productions, A&E’s High Performance Bobbins are precision wound allowing for …

Magic® HP

Defect-free, Magic® HP is an air-entangled, high performance polyester sewing thread variant of A&E’s Magic®. Engineered with no twist, Magic® HP is ideal for chainstitch operations, for the quilting and multi-needle seaming of mattresses, hygiene, and for use in specialty industrial products. This thread creates a lower profile seam reducing potential for surface abrasion. Manufactured …

HMP Waxed Polyester Hand Sewing Threads

Ludlow waxed handsewing threads are used for handsewing footwear. The high strength, waxed polyester threads are available in multiple colors and sold in specific cut lengths with tapered ends. Ludlow waxed handsewing threads have been an industry staple for generations.

Braided Bottoming Thread

A high strength sewing thread constructed from braided polyester or cotton for the bottoming of footwear, including boots and heavy shoes. Excellent durability and stitch appearance in the finished product.

Anefil Poly®

Providing good overall seam strength and a better resistance to UV exposure than traditional nylon sewing threads, A&E‘s Anefil Poly® is available in soft or a bonded finish. This thread delivers excellent seam strength with fewer sewing interruptions due in part to its twisted multifilament, continuous polyester construction. Anefil Poly® is available in Bonded, SST …

Perma Core® Ultimate

A&E’s Perma Core® Ultimate delivers best-in-class seam performance and aesthetics, assisting in the reduction of thread derived causes of seam puckering. Perma Core® Ultimate has a very smooth thread surface contributing to a superior stitch and seam appearance in fine tailoring and intimate wear garments. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PRODUCT INFORMATION

Spun Kool®

Manufactured with a 100% polyester, Spun Kool® is a staple spun sewing thread twisted and wound with an FR finish. Ideal for multiple applications where traditional staple spun polyester is required, this thread provides excellent seam strength and sewability. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE PRODUCT LITERATURE IN ENGLISH, CHINESE, OR SPANISH.