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Eliminating Buttonsew Failures

Describes how to eliminate buttonsew failures.

Denim Garments- Optimizing Seam Performance

Describes how to select the proper thread for denim garments.

Denim – How to Sew Extra Large Threads

Describes considerations when sewing heavy thread on denim garments.

Over-Dyeing or Piece-Dyeing Assembled Garments

Describes considerations when selecting 100% cotton thread for assembled garments to be over-dyed or piece-dyed.

Minimizing Seam Puckering

Describes the common causes for seam puckering and how to reduce seam puckering on woven and knit fabrics.

Minimizing Seam Puckering on Stretch Woven Fabrics

Describes common causes for seam puckering on stretch woven fabrics and how to reduce it.

Sewing Stretch Knit Fabrics

Describes the common issues with sewing on stretch knit fabrics.

Thread Recommendations for Buttonsewing, Buttonholes and Bartacks

Provides thread recommendations for sewing buttons, buttonholes and bartacks.

Flammability Children’s Sleepwear

Provides information on Flammability in Children’s Sleepwear

Minimizing Needle Cutting on Knits

Tips to minimize Needle cutting on Knit Fabrics