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To satisfy customer requirements, A&E has developed tens-of-thousands of different shades, requiring over 68,000 unique formulas for dyeing these shades. A&E stands ready to assist our customers on a global basis with any one of these existing shades. But despite having one of industry’s largest color repertoires, our customers often look for that “special shade” and we are always glad to deliver. We recognize that providing accurate colors quickly is paramount to our customers’ success and therefore have established an efficient and effective process to deliver with speed.

The process starts with expert color teams and state-of-the-art color measurement equipment located in each of our global dyeing operations. Customer color requirements are submitted to A&E in physical samples or transmitted electronically for matching. If the specific color is not available from our vast portfolio, A&E lab proposals can be developed and, depending on electronic capability, be returned instantly or sent in physical form for customer approval.

All A&E colors, whether existing or custom matched can be digitally transmitted through our proprietary Anecolor™ Color Measurement System to any of our global dyehouse locations to provide local service and delivery wherever customer needs require. To ensure these colors are exact matches no-matter where in the world production occurs, all A&E dye operations utilize standard dyestuff and chemical components.





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