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A&E continues to lead the industry in the area of sustainability.

In the area of environmental sustainability, A&E’s Eco•Driven® mark is a symbol of A&E’s continued commitment to Environmental Sustainability, which is manifested through the Eco•Driven® program.

The Eco•Driven® Program consists of a series of tangible goals and guidelines named A&E’s Ten Threads of Sustainability:

1. Global Carbon Footprint
2. Water Stewardship
3. Energy Conservation
4. Sustainable Packaging
5. Recycling and Waste Reduction
6. Sustainable Products
7. Global EHS and Social Responsibility Compliance
8. Supply Chain Sustainability
9. Eco-Driven Product Stewardship
10. Eco-Driven Education and Involvement

A&E’s sustainability goals have been developed through consideration of the economic, social responsibility, and environmental aspects of the company’s global operations. To accomplish this:

A&E will continue to invest in innovative technologies to help reduce the environmental footprint of our operations, including our facilities and processes.

A&E will create products that minimize the impact on the environment

A&E will continue to conduct its global operations in such a manner as to ensure that all A&E associates around the world understand and adhere to the highest standards of conduct and provide our customers with consistent quality, service, and value throughout all markets.





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