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Ludlow® Furniture Twines & Cords

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Hose Yarns

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Belt Cords

Anetec® Belt Cords and Hose Yarns

Since 1891, A&E has been producing premium thread and yarn products. A&E’s heritage crafted, Anetec® Belt Cords and Hose Yarns are well known throughout the industry for their high quality and are engineered to provide superior superior performance.

A leader in the manufacturing and twisting of yarns and cords for thermoplastic belt reinforcement, A&E offers a multitude of fiber types and constructions. Fiber types include: para-aramids, polyester, nylon, PVA, and liquid crystal polymers. Fibers can be twisted and plied to constructions ranging from 200 denier (220 Dtex) through 20,000 denier (22,200 Dtex). Alternating twist directions are available to neutralize belt torque. A&E specializes in winding controlled yardage per package and can ship in specific cord count sets in complimenting S and Z twist directions. Packaging options include: cones, tubes, or metal, paper, or plastic double-flanged spools. In addition to belt cords, A&E offers a comprehensive line of reinforcement and cover solutions for all types of hoses including EPDM rubber, silicone, PVC or urethane.

In addition to the fiber types listed above, A&E offers spun, natural, and solution-dyed polyesters to fit your needs, providing options for adhesion improvement or chemical resistance. Each package is precision-wound to provide maximum package stability and yield while keeping yarrn waste levels to a minimum. Multiple put-up options available include: knit / spiral cones, braider tubes, flanged bobbins, and spools.


Camel Water-Blocking Yarns

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Cranberry Quiltworks

VSM Sewing Inc


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Lonestar Quiliting LLC

Joya Distributing


Gammill Quilting Machine Company

G.V.S Distributors

Parsons Distributing INC

Kings Men Quilting Supply Company

Notions Marketing Corporation

North Jefferson LTD

New England Quilt Supply

Van Wyck Window Fashions

Tacony Corporation

RSC Thread

Ragnhilds Trad & Design

EE Schenck

PD Sixty Distributors

Delaware D.G.

Cardinal Distributors

Brewer Quilting & Sewing

Victorian Textiles

Atlanta-National Thread & Supply

Signature® Premium 40 wt. Cotton Variegated Colors 500 yd spools

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Texas Specialties

S.M. Cristall Company, Inc.

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Pinpoint International

东北销售代理 – KYS Embroidery Supplies

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LLOVET Sales Co., Inc

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Hammer Brothers, Inc.

Dashew Supply Company

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Daines Enterprises

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Cristall Thread and Supply(以前的 Point Distributors)

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A&E Western Direct Sales (LA)

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A&E Northern Direct Sales

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