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Our Company Aim
To be the preferred global supplier of industrial sewing thread, embroidery thread and technical textiles by providing world-class quality products and services to our customers.

Our Vision
A&E will achieve worldwide, preferred supplier status in each product line by:

  • Supplying superior quality products, services and value to our customers.
  • Practicing Quality Business Culture (QBC) throughout the company. A&E’s QBC is defined as a comprehensive collection of practices and processes driven by customer needs, focused on process improvement, led by management with associate involvement.
  • Being recognized as a leader by our customers, employees, suppliers, and community in our contributions to society and the environment through A&E’s continuing global commitment to sustainability.

Our Quality
A&E is committed to providing world-class quality products and services that meet or exceed Customer requirements. World-class quality is achieved through continuous improvement of processes and is defined as being on-target with minimal variation.

Our Action Plan
Customer Driven
Identify and understand customers’ needs and translate them into innovative products, services, and value.

Process Improvement Focus
Once the customer’s needs are understood, we will focus on process improvement to consistently meet those needs. To this end, we will work to understand each process, statistically determine its capability, and work for reduction of variation using Six Sigma, Lean and other tools.

Management Leadership / Associate Involvement
Create an environment where management leads the QBC and where all associates are involved with process improvements.

Sustainability Commitment
Conduct our operations through consideration of economic, social responsibility, and environmental aspects of A&E’s global operations

Safety and Health Responsibility
Operate our facilities with the utmost regard for safety and health concerns.

Product Stewardship
Create sustainable products with a commitment to compliance with global restrictions on chemicals.





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