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Vardhman A&E Threads hosts open house celebration of new Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) thread dyehouse.

A&E and Its Joint Venture Operation Vardhman A&E Threads continue to lead in the area of environmental sustainability through the June 21st celebration of its fully operational ZLD thread dyehouse in Perundurai, India.

Perundurai (near Tirupur), Tami Nadu, India, June 22, 2012 – Clean water is a scare resource, especially in many of the areas where apparel is produced today. Sustainability efforts in thread dyeing should reduce consumption and focus on water recycling and reuse. Vardhman A&E Threads has taken these challenges to a whole new level through the design, development and operation of one of the world’s only known Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) sewing thread dyehouses. The proprietary technology utilized in the process ensures that heat is recovered, reducing energy demands, water consumption is reduced, and no liquids are discharged as a result of the process of dyeing sewing threads.

To celebrate this tremendous accomplishment, Apparel Industry Professionals, Textile Industry Representatives and Sustainability Experts were invited to an Open House celebration held on June 21st at the facility in India. Here dozens of visitors gathered to view the operation and discuss sustainability in thread manufacturing and dyeing. Delegates from A&E around the world were on hand to host the distinguished guests. Feedback from guests was overwhelmingly positive with many accolades towards the company’s commitment to Sustainability and its willingness to make the important financial investments towards achieving such. Many expressed appreciation for being part of this sewing thread “first”, and planned to share their experience with others within their organization.





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