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Best Stretch®

A&E’s Best Stretch® is a high bulk textured nylon sewing thread which is ideal for seaming and serging knit and woven fabrics. Boasting superior seam elasticity and seam softness Best Stretch® provides comfort and performance in a variety of sewn products. PRODUCT INFORMATION – ENGLISH, CHINESE, OR SPANISH  |  DIGITAL COLOR REFERENCE


A&E旗下Aneflex™具备高弹缝合效果。其由PBT材料开发而来,是一种创新型的高弹缝纫线,适用于高弹类服装的大多数车缝缝纫,是高弹服装缝纫的优选。 PRODUCT INFORMATION – ENGLISH, CHINESE OR SPANISH  |  DIGITAL COLOR REFERENCE

Anefil™ Reflector

Engineered for reflective, decorative visibility, A&E’s innovative Anefil™ Reflector sewing and embroidery thread provides luminescence and durability, while maintaining aesthetic appearance in garment and fashion apparel applications. Anefil™ Reflector  is primarily used for creating reflective overedge seams, but this innovative thread’s smaller size is also regularly used to create decorative embroidery embellishments. Multiple put-ups are …