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A&E’s Anesoft® sewing thread is specially designed to improve the softness of seams in multiple sewing applications. The textured construction provides for excellent covering properties and the extensibility necessary for knit and stretch garments. Anesoft® is utilized regularly in activewear, yogawear, swimwear, intimate apparel, and other garments where seam softness is critical. CLICK HERE TO …


A&E’s Aneflex™ is a specialty industrial sewing thread specially developed from Polybutylene Terephthalate (P.B.T.) to deliver highly elastic seams, without compromising seam strength or sewing performance. This product offers an innovative seam solution for garments constructed from highly extensible fabrics in all major stitch types. If performance depends on seam stretch, trust Aneflex™. Highly versatile, Aneflex™ …

Mattress Tape Edge


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Baby’s Carpenter Jean

Baby Girl’s Knit Dress

Baby’s Fleece Pants