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Anecord Poly®

Laying flatter in the seam for low profile stitching, A&E‘s Anecord Poly® delivers superior abrasion resistance and better UV resistance than nylon and polyamide sewing threads. Manufactured with a bonded, monocord construction, Anecord Poly® is ideal for low-profile stitch applications, displaying good overall seam strength. This thread provides added value, producing a higher yield over …

Anecord Nylon®

A&E‘s Anefil Nylon® is a twisted multifilament, nylon sewing thread ideal for sewing a wide range of products. Anefil Nylon® provides for good abrasion resistance and excellent seam strength. This sewing thread’s twisted multifilament construction displays superior sewability. Anefil Nylon® is available in Bonded, SST (Stretched), and STX (Non-Stretched). CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PRODUCT LITERATURE