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ECO100: 100% Recycled Sewing Threads

Expect more from industrial sewing thread. A&E prides itself on being the textile industry’s choice for sustainable and ethically manufactured thread products. The ECO100 thread line is the latest addition to the Eco-Driven® Ethical Thread Collection. ECO100 thread products are made using 100% recycled materials, providing the industry with eco-friendly apparel and non-apparel product options.

A sustainable take on an industry thread product icon, Perma Core® ECO100 is the new choice for sustainable core thread. Developed for use in many apparel and non-apparel applications, Perma Core® ECO100 features a 100% recycled polyester staple wrap and continuous filament, recycled core. Perma Core® ECO100 provides all the great attributes of a sustainable sewing thread without sacrificing sewing performance or thread color limitation. TOUCH OR CLICK HERE FOR PRODUCT LITERATURE.


(2) As part of A&E’s new 100% recycled, sustainable eco-innovation thread line, Wildcat® ECO100 allows you to Expect More from your industrial sewing thread. Ecologically-friendly Wildcat® ECO100 is manufactured with 100% recycled, textured polyester. As with A&E’s classic sewing thread, Wildcat Plus®, Wildcat® ECO100 provides excellent elasticity, softness, and strength to deliver all-around performance and longer-lasting, softer seams, while delivering an eco-friendly product you can be product to use. TOUCH OR CLICK HERE FOR PRODUCT LITERATURE.


(3) Ethically-manufactured and part of A&E’s new 100% recycled thread line, Anefil Poly® ECO100 is an advanced eco-innovation product designed to assist in meeting the challenge of manufacturing an environmentally responsible thread product, while displaying the excellent sewing performance and seam strength this quality thread product demands.

Anefil Poly® ECO100 delivers a 100% recycled, polyester sewing thread in a twisted multifilament construction, providing good abrasion and chemical resistance with very good color fastness.

Anefil Poly® ECO100 allows for the flexibility to infuse an ecologically-friendly, premium sewing thread into a diverse assortment of non-apparel applications, from automotive components to high quality footwear. TOUCH OR CLICK HERE FOR PRODUCT LITERATURE.

Learn more about A&E and Elevate Textiles’s progress and longstanding commitment to the environment, health and safety, sustainability efforts, and initiatives. CLICK OR TOUCH HERE TO ACCESS THE CURRENT 2020 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT.



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A&E has set the highest level of sustainability compliance in the industry through our Eco-Driven initiatives. We are working with some of the world’s largest retailers and brands to create the standards for all textile suppliers and retailers. Read more…

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