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Anefil™ Reflector

Designed and engineered for reflective visibility, A&E’s innovative Anefil™ Reflector sewing and embroidery thread provides maximum luminescence and durability, while maintaining aesthetic appearance for garment and fashion apparel applications. Anefil™ Reflector  is primarily used for creating reflective seams, but this innovative thread’s smaller tex size is also used regularly to create decorative embroidery embellishments on …

Super Strength Rayon® Variegated

Brilliant colors with a silky, lustrous appearance. Soft, smooth feel. Higher sheen than polyester. Made from high tenacity rayon. Available in 3 or 4 variegated color combinations.

Twister Tweed® Rayon

For fashion items with a unique brilliant silky lustrous stitch appearance. Twister Tweed®’s unique two tone, high sheen stitch appearance is made from high tenacity rayon. Brilliant colors with a Silky Lustrous appearance, smooth, softer feel. 21 color combos available

Super Strength Rayon®

Delivering an ultra luster appearance, Super Strength Rayon® provides beautiful color and high tenacity in a twisted multifilament, rayon embroidery thread. With a smooth, soft feel, high sheen, and superior sewability, Super Strength Rayon® is a quality rayon product alternative to traditional, polyester embroidery threads. Available in 370 colors, this rayon embroidery thread is ideal …

Super Safe®

An embroidery thread that performs, A&E’s 100% meta-aramid, Super Safe®, delivers resistance to long or short term heat or flame exposure that regularly occurs in the protective apparel and workwear industries. Super Safe® has been reviewed under current guidelines and approved by UL standards for use in protective garments. For a comprehensive list of approvals, …


Unique embroidery thread construction. Sews with minimum sewing interruptions. Superior coverage. Very good color fastness.

High Performance Cocoon Embroidery Bobbins

A twisted multifilament nylon cocoon bobbin designed for use as the underthread in Schifli embroidery machines. Strict size control, winding tension and bobbin integrity deliver supurb sewing performance.

Super Brite Polyester®

Known for its beautiful, rich colors and brilliant sheen, A&E’s Super Brite Polyester® is an industry staple, embroidery thread. Quality embroiderers rely every day on this high tenacity, trilobal polyester embroidery thread as high quality alternative to traditional, rayon embroidery threads. Steeped in rich heritage, A&E’ s Robison-Anton® brand products are considered the trusted name …

Super Brite Polyester® Floss

300/4 Super Brite Polyester® Floss is ideal for merrowing edges of patches and for providing a distinctive topstitching appearance. This thread, made from high tenacity trilobal polyester, provides for brilliant colors with a high sheen appearance and features superior color fastness and abrasion resistance. All 300/4 Super Brite Polyester® Floss thread is matched to Pantone® licensed colors.

Prewound Filament Poly Bobbins

Prewound Filament Poly Bobbins represent the perfect combination of quality and time saving convenience. Packaged designed to speed your production: Precision-wound to guarantee the correct number of yards per bobbin.