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Corespun Versus Spun Poly

Describes the major differences between corespun and spun poly threads as well as the considerations for choosing the appropriate thread.

Estimating Thread Consumption

Describes how to estimate thread consumption to estimate the number of cones needed and to calculate the cost of thread needed to manufacture the finished product.

Reducing Needle Cutting

Defines needle cutting and provides a checklist that will aid in reducing needle cutting.

Minimizing Needle Heat

Describes what causes needle heat and what can be done to minimize it.

Seam Engineering

Describes the factors in engineering quality seams and the formulas for estimating seam strength and abrasion resistance.

Common Seam Quality Defects

Describes common seam quality defects. Also provides graphics and tips on minimizing these defects.

Seam Types

Describes common seams and provides simple seam graphics, 751a & ISO numbers, common applications and requirements.

Selection Logic and Charts

Describes the elements for selecting the right thread for a specific application, including fiber type, thread construction and thread size.

Selecting the Right SPI

Discusses the influence of stitches per inch (SPI) on the seam strength, stitch appearance and seam elasticity on stretch fabrics.

Thread Price Versus Thread Cost

Describes ways to reduce thread costs without compromising sewability and seaming performance.