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Wildcat® ECO100

Wildcat® ECO100 is manufactured with 100% recycled, textured polyester. As with A&E’s classic sewing thread, Wildcat Plus®, Wildcat® ECO100 provides excellent elasticity, softness, and strength to deliver all-around performance and longer-lasting, softer seams, while delivering an eco-friendly product you can depend on. Wildcat® ECO100 is produced in GRS SCOPE CERTIFIED facilities. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD …

Best Stretch®

A&E’s Best Stretch® is a high bulk textured nylon sewing thread which is ideal for seaming and serging knit and woven fabrics. Boasting superior seam elasticity and seam softness Best Stretch® provides comfort and performance in a variety of sewn products. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE PRODUCT LITERATURE IN ENGLISH, CHINESE, OR SPANISH.

Wildcat Plus®

A&E’s high-performance textured polyester sewing thread, Wildcat Plus®, is ideal for seaming and serging knit and woven fabrics. This sewing thread provides superior seam elasticity, softness, and seam strength delivering across the board performance and longer lasting seams. Wildcat Plus® is even used in overedging of fashion apparel. Inquire with your sales representative for information …

Tex Kool®

Tex Kool® is a high performance textured polyester sewing thread wound with an FR finish. Delivering across the board performance, this thread excels where seaming and serging knit and woven fabrics is required providing for superior seam elasticity and strength for long lasting seams. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE PRODUCT LITERATURE IN ENGLISH, CHINESE, OR SPANISH.


A&E’s Anesoft® sewing thread improves the softness of seams, while providing excellent seam coverage. It’s textured construction displays the suppleness and extensibility necessary to deliver ideal seams used in knit and stretch garments. Utilized where softness is critical, Anesoft® is regularly incorporated into the sewing of intimate apparel. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PRODUCT LITERATURE