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Magic® HP

Defect-free, Magic® HP is an air-entangled, high performance polyester sewing thread variant of A&E’s Magic®. Engineered with no twist, Magic® HP is ideal for chainstitch operations, for the quilting and multi-needle seaming of mattresses, hygiene, and for use in specialty industrial products. This thread creates a lower profile seam reducing potential for surface abrasion. Manufactured …

HMP Waxed Polyester Hand Sewing Threads

Ludlow waxed handsewing threads are used for handsewing footwear. The high strength, waxed polyester threads are available in multiple colors and sold in specific cut lengths with tapered ends. Ludlow waxed handsewing threads have been an industry staple for generations.

Flame-Out™ STW

A 100% para-aramid staple spun sewing thread specially designed for the mattress industry to compliment the flame resistant barrier system. Flame-Out™ STW delivers dependable sewing performance and excellent yield to mattress manufacturers. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PRODUCT INFORMATION

Flame-Out™ SP

A&E’s Flame-Out™ SP is a flame-resistant, para-aramid, staple spun sewing thread manufactured from 100% certified DuPont® Kevlar® and engineered for use in the tape-edging of mattresses. Created as a compliment to the flame resistant barrier system, Flame-Out™ SP is specially-designed to provide short-term heat resistance displaying excellent seam integrity and cut protection. This non-melting thread displays superior strength to meta-aramids and …


Primarily utilized in mattress tape-edging, protective apparel, A&E’s Flame-Out™ flame-resistant, para-aramid, staple spun sewing threads are specially-designed to provide short-term heat resistance. Available in Flame-Out™ SP and Flame-Out™ STW, these sewing threads were created as a compliment to the flame resistant barrier system. These non-melting thread products display excellent seam integrity and cut protection, maintaining …

D-Core® Indigo

A&E‘s D-Core® Indigo is a premium core spun sewing thread manufactured with a continuous filament polyester core and cotton staple wrap and dyed with enhanced indigo dyes. A variant of A&E’s popular D-Core®, D-Core® Indigo is dyed using special indigo dyes. Indigo dyes tend to wash down similar to the body fabric, allowing the thread …

Cocoon Bobbins

A&E produces a broad, collection of premium, pre-wound Cocoon Bobbins in a variety of sizes and fiber types, including; spun polyester and twisted multifilament nylon. Designed for use in Schifli embroidery machines and as an under thread in multi-needle lockstitch quilting operations, A&E’s Cocoon Bobbins represent the perfect combination of quality and time-saving convenience. CLICK …


A&E‘s Clearlon® is a specialized, monofilament nylon sewing thread, often sewn in blindstitch operations, as well as quilting, and soft home products. This thread is also ideal where thread stiffness and stitch removal are required and excels in attachment applications, like fabric labels and emblems. Available in a clear translucent color, Clearlon® blends with most …

Braided Bottoming Thread

A high strength sewing thread constructed from braided polyester or cotton for the bottoming of footwear, including boots and heavy shoes. Excellent durability and stitch appearance in the finished product.


Featuring a bonded, monocord nylon construction, Anequilt® lays flat within the seam for low profile sewing applications. Engineered for use in high speed, single needle scroll quilting applications, A&E’s Anequilt® provides for an excellent sewing experience,  minimizes interruptions, and maximizing productivity. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PRODUCT INFORMATION